Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sure-Fit Designs: First Impressions & Experiences

Keeping personal notes of my experiences with personal sloper drafting using the Sure-Fit Designs Solution.

Basic intro: My mother sewed most of my clothes until about the age of 12. I majored in Fashion Design at college, with a firm passion for flat pattern design. I can (and LOVE) to make anything from a sloper, but I haven't had my own well-fitted sloper for over 15 years! My fitting partner was a male, so I never had the opportunity to be taught to draft a female sloper from scratch (as my partner made mine). SO, here I am, a certified designer, who can make any design with paper and pencil…and yet, I can't even fit myself very well!

Measurement Chart:

1. Waist = F16, B14 1/2
2. High Hip (3" down)= 35 1/2
3. Low/full Hip (8.5" down)= F19 1/2, B21
4. Pant Length= 40.5"
5. Crotch Inseam= F11, B14.5

Right off, you can see that I have a full hip, with small waist. Though, smaller hips with larger belly in front (post-baby bump) with larger hips and smaller belly in back. Out of the box, I'm generally a size 8, but when broken down, a good sloper will definitely make a difference!


I've had the kit for several months, admittedly. I watched a live seminar that was presented by the ASG. I loved it, and bought the Dress, Shirt & Pants Kit immediately. For the past week, I've been trying to fit my toddler's size to make some unders, but I've had a hard time fitting the toddler-Buddha belly. I read some great reviews about the Children's supplement kit, so purchased that today. Then I realized, perhaps I'd better make sure this works with me, before I plunge into my toddler's!

I flipped through the pants book to get an idea what I'm going to be doing…I was nervous, since it seems *too* easy (coming from someone who geekishly loves making patterns with rulers, pencils and blank paper), but loved the idea of the simplicity! After toddler was in bed for the evening, I began taping the basic sloper to the table along with the vellum. As I read and re-read the first part of finding the cross-point of the back crotch and waist width, I was a little lost…did I mention I'm a visual person??

I then remembered *loads* of reviews that people had watched the included DVD as they drafted, pausing at each step. I revved up the DVD player, and wow. Glenda is thorough!! Doing my sloper step-by-step with the video was better than I had hoped for!! I ran back/forth to the TV and table to make the back sloper, then easily plunged the front sloper. At that moment, I realized (doh!), I'd forgotten to take into account my very different F/B waist & hip measurements. I plunged ahead with the front sloper, using only the front measurements, intending to go back and alter the back sloper soon. (Note: see page 6 of the Pants booklet to refer to dramatically different front/back measurements, such as my crotch, waist and hip measurements, and how to apply to F/B sloper---SUPER helpful).

As I was doing the front sloper, thinking of the changes I had to make to the back sloper, I realized…"this is SOOO easy!! why would I alter the back sloper? I'll just make a new one!" And that I did. Because, really---it's just that easy. I really believe it would have taken me longer to re-align the back sloper to the basic draft and try to erase/re-do the lines. That right there made it totally worth it to me!

Loving: the ease, the simplicity, the directions, sketches, images, and DVD!
Changes: as I did the front sloper, I did the SA right along with the outline drafting (easier for me)

Tomorrow…round one of the fitting (using 1" grid gingham fabric so I can make sure the hang is correct).

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