Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feng Shui and Being a "Selfish" Hippie

While reading Whole Living (Martha Stewart's previous "Body + Soul") magazine, I happened upon a list of "Feng Shui" suggestions. Though intrigued, I've never pursued the idea or thought of it---I have a style and I like it. :) But, I read something that struck me so much and completely applied to my life! The finality of accomplishing "feng shui" in your home, is the energy flow and peace. It was then I realized that sometimes my massive efforts of being so in tune with the earth and body, that I leave not-yet finished projects laying around the house, causing bad energy flow. And, WOW. What a vision for me to behold! As I pondered this, and looked about my house, I realized the frustration I feel and failures I feel when I SEE these not-yet finished projects and courageous thoughts and ideas. Though they're good and important things, they're causing a bad energy flow in my home.

Currently, my efforts pertaining just to the baby include: all-natural, organic cloth diapering, which creates sewing projects for wool soakers, knitting projects for wool longies/shorties, loads of laundry, which then need to be folded, put away, etc; feeding her organic food which I prepare myself, which includes farmer's market trips, pureeing and freezing foods, grocery store runs for supplemental needs, making homemade yogurts, etc; making her all cotton baby clothing and adorable shoes; buying cotton socks to turn into homemade BabyLegs, etc. Again, that's just for my baby. Add what I do for me and hubby…and that's where the "selfish" part comes in.

While reading the article, I recognized that I was making so many sacrifices to keep up with these projects, that I was falling behind---constantly. My efforts for doing these things are beyond what's good for our bodies, but extend into our well-being. Though with all my good intentions, our well-being was being sacrificed in favor of what's best for our bodies. Thus, hubby and I decided that I need to cease all projects for one week (making wool diapers, knitting wool longies, making homemade baby foods, etc, etc) only until I am able to get my home back in "feng shui" mode. I'm on day two of this, and I already feel a stronger peace about me, knowing that I am able to get my home re-organized and happy, so that longer-effecting decisions for our bodies can be continued. Thus, once I get my home in a place where the good energy is flowing at a steady pace, I will then be able to flow that good energy back into being my hippie self.

Thus, for the rest of my week hiatus, my daughter may wear a few flushable inserts (gdiapers, of course), eat a few containers of baby food (organic, of course), and hubby and I may *gasp* eat a few meals that aren't the top of my desired list. But, I know that small investments and breaks in life will keep me going with my passions, instead of hitting a burn-out.

This is what makes me a selfish hippie--at the end of the day, I will always put the needs of my family and myself above the needs of doing all hippie things, though my beliefs never fail.


Christina AKA SuperMom said...

Im totally with you on this one! I've got two more weeks of Ahhh chaos and then I want to "freeze" and get life back in order!
I love your blog by the way!

selfish hippie mama said...

Wouldn't it be GREAT if there really were a "freeze" button? I often have fantasies of this. Yes, I would rather "freeze" life so I can get it ALL done, then take a nap (of course!) before unfreezing everyone. Well-said, SuperMom!