Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making a baby carrier…for different purposes with different fabrics

If I have one talent (ahem, obsession) in life, it's research. Really. It's what I do. I can't lift a finger until I'm convinced it's the right finger to lift. Kind of a problem when you're always convinced that buying so much junk is a waste---especially when you can just make it!!

So, I finally completed my research on...drum roll, please...making carriers! Let's be honest. I mean, really?? There is a plethora of sites out there that tell you how to make a carrier. So, why here? Why me? Because. I'm obsessive. And I've spent so much of my time researching, if one person reads this and days, "hey!! I CAN do that!" Well, then, that's why I'm posting it. :D

FYI: I'm a natural fabrics girl. I like organics. I like the earth. But, well, sometimes cheap is cheap and we get what we can afford. Hence the reason I am a selfish hippie mama.

Here's the reality: making a carrier really is that easy. Stupid easy. In fact, so pathetically easy (and worth it!!!), I've realized all the different uses and fabrics to make them:
  • Summer carriers: use cotton gauze, to keep self and baby very cool
  • Water carriers: use nylon sport mesh, awesome for taking a baby in the pool, or hanging out in the sprinklers, because it will not be heavy when it gets wet
  • Winter carriers: fleece (because it doesn't breathe, it keeps you warm--good for keeping your body heat between you and baby
  • Year-round: cotton canvas, breathes easy, washes clean, sturdy, fun fabrics
I'm not going to be silly enough to tell you how many layers you need for the right thicknesses to hold your baby, etc, etc. That's all out there in the plethora of sites…I just want to tell you what I learned for myself beyond all of my crazy research:

  1. It's easy. Really. There are even super-easy no-sew versions.
  2. Totally worth it.
  3. Choices are endless…pick your season and purpose, and just go for it!!
I'll be making a bunch to play with and test my ideas. I'll update them as I complete.

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