Friday, March 9, 2012

Children's Surefit Design Review

I *love* this sloper. The first time I measured the pants, I was a little too tight on my measurements, as my toddler is transitioning from cloth diapers to cloth unders. So, the measurements can be different depending on what the toddler is wearing. I did finally pick a pattern to make *all* the unders for, then measured with those on. That worked great! As my model ran around the house yelling "mama made it!" (even though the sloper test was in horrid purple gingham), I knew it was successful.

The toddler measurements are small, given that the toddler is 5th percentile for weight (at age 2), which means things are just too big, in general, except for the major bulk of cloth diapers. Hence, the need for a major wardrobe overhaul.

Pants sloper: success!
Changes: only did a 1/2" SA, as more reasonable for me with children's wear

Skirt sloper: changes to include high rise on toddler's back, due to Buddha belly in front, which pushes all clothing down a full 2" (compared to back)

I will be working these slopers up with my mass collection of Oliver + S patterns, to make them more custom-made. Super happy to have custom slopers, though.

Glenda's booklet for drafting clothing from the slopers is superb. If I had the energy to be creative, I'd pounce! As is, I'll leave the creativity up to Liesl, for the time being. :)

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